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Steel City CBD was founded in March 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama. I began the process of putting my shop together and testing out products that I would offer to my community and was launched by May 18, 2019. I started building Steel City CBD to bring trusted, clean and quality products to my community. When I first began, not much was around except for vape shops and gas stations so there was a crucial need for products that could be trusted. I selected each partnership carefully, ensuring to stock only the highest quality products at Steel City CBD and aim to keep the prices affordable, at a cut below the rest. 

Along with the shortage of quality products was the shortage of good education and information surrounding the products being sold. It is my mission to educate as many as I can on the healing powers of hemp and all its constituents have to offer. Along with education I am dedicated to helping people live a better quality of life. With a degree in Medical Assisting and a background of MA/caregiving, and a mom of 3, caring for others comes naturally to me. 

I know that CBD is still stigmatized, especially here in the south, but I am actively fighting that stigmatization and helping people to understand what this plant is fully capable of doing. By helping people understand more about the plant they become more open to trying something new, something natural. The relief speaks for itself. I love working closely with people, helping them find what would fit their lifestyle and specific needs. Through this I form relationships with clients and that is priceless to me. 

As Steel City CBD continues to grow, I will uphold my mission of bringing only the highest quality products at prices you can afford. All products sourced are third party lab tested with transparent ingredients and clean extraction methods grown under strict guidelines producing top-notch products you will grow to love. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions and concerns. If you are ready to learn more about CBD and how it could help enhance your quality of life, reach out today!

You are my driving force that keeps me doing what I love to do. Thank you. 

-Mary Jane, Owner and Founder of Steel City CBD, LLC

Free shipping on orders over $75! If you’re retired, are a retired or active service member, please ask about our discount! Local to Homewood, AL? If you’d like to schedule to pick your order up, please notify us upon ordering. 

For a consultation to learn more about CBD and how it could potentially benefit you, please call Mary Anderlik at 205-201-0420 or email at thesteelcitycbd@gmail.com

Start living a better quality of life today with the finest hemp products Birmingham, AL has to offer! 

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