Urb THCO Live Resin Cartridge

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Live Resin THCO cartridges are made with premium ingredients and terpene profiles.

Ceramic Coil

1 G

Ingredients: Live Resin Extract, THCO, Delta 8, Terpenes.

No fillers (VG, PG, Vitamin E Acetate).


Blue Watermelon (Indica), Cali Lemon Dream (Sativa), Cupcake Kush (Indica), Goji Gelato (Hybrid), Gruntz (Sativa), Sweet Island OG (Hybrid)


Cali Lemon Dream Lab Report

Sweet Island OG Lab Report

Goji Gelato Lab Report

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Blue Watermelon, Cali Lemon Dream, Goji Gelato, Sweet Island OG


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