Steel City CBD 250mg Full Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture


Full Spectrum oil is incredibly beneficial all pets, including birds and reptiles. Not only for their balance of systems through a healthy endocannabinoid system but also topically for any issue they may have, as well as providing antibacterial treatment for wounds or hotspots.

Great for all animals, including avians and reptiles.

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Our 250mg Pet Tincture contains a Full Extrac Cannabis Oil containing all of the cannabinoids and natural terpenes the plant has to offer. Whole plant, whole body wellness. With a full spectrum product you’re getting the entire benefits the plant has to offer.

Your pets need that, too. Your pets have an endocannabinoid system just like we do. When depleted of cannabinoids they may experience the same things we experience. They get anxious like humans do, have skin conditions like humans do, have irritability like humans do, have digestion issues, can get overexcited, get wounds and bug bites, deal with irritability and temperament issues, have allergies, and also get cancer like humans do. Full Spectrum CBD oil has been shown to have great potential to offer a sense of relief for every one of these issues your pet may be suffering with. Many pet owners rely on CBD oil for their little (or big) loved ones for whatever reason. Even veterinarian offices are now offering CBD products in many forms.

Steel City CBD’s 250mg Pet Tincture contains two ingredients only- Full extract cannabis oil and MCT oil. No fillers, no nonsense. Not only do you have the cannabinoids and terpenes that offer a natural remedy for all of the ailments listed above, and then some, as well as balancing their endocannabinoid system which regulates ever system of the body including hormones, bringing the body back to homeostasis, but MCT oil has benefits, too. MCT oil is derived from coconuts, and has a shorter chain length-traveling straight from the gut to the liver without requiring the bile to break down. The liver breaks the fat down and it is then used as fuel or stored by the body, as well as also being converted to ketones in the liver which pass through the blood-brain barrier, where they then become energy for brain cells. This process helps MCTs enter the cells without being broken down and used as an immediate source of energy for brain cells. Many have pets who suffer from seizures. Studies have shown MCT oil (as well as full extract cannabis oil!) is beneficial for seizure control better than a widespread epileptic drug. Another study has shown that the same MCT blocked receptors in the brain that cause seizures.

Yeast infection in the skin is also a common occurrence for those who are owners of furry friends in a specific category: canines. A full spectrum pet product along with MCT oil reduces the growth of Clostridium difficile, which is a bacteria that yeast is produced from. Full Spectrum Hemp Extract along with MCT oil are also beneficial in suppressing the growth of widespread fungus yeast or a combination of both yeast and bacteria, which is what vets scrape for when testing for mange, a common skin condition many outdoor and stray dogs are susceptible to from mite infestations and from improper care of coat and skin. Many organizations who rescue animals find CBD oil helpful in helping to treat these conditions in a way that is natural, more comfortable for the animal than harsher forms of treatment, as well as regenerating skin growth and offering conditioning for the skin and coat.

Full Spectrum oil is incredibly beneficial all pets, including birds and reptiles. Not only for their balance of systems through a healthy endocannabinoid system but also topically for any issue they may have, as well as providing antibacterial treatment for wounds or hotspots.

  1. Sublingual doses, which can also include adding to their food, water or treats, are based on weight and species of the animal but also are determined by a level of severity your animal is suffering from. As with humans it is still recommended to start low and slow, at 1mg-5mg per 10 pounds of body weight.
  • Cats typically require 1mg-5mg which can be changed accordingly depending on severity and weigh. .25mg-.5mg may also be enough for smaller cats.
  • Dogs have a weight range that is recommended but again, dose can be changed accordingly based on severity.

10 lbs: 1mg-5mg | 20 lbs: 2mg-10mg | 30 lbs: 3mg-15mg | 40 lbs: 4mg-20mg |

50 lbs: 5mg-25mg | 60 lbs: 6mg-30mg | 70 lbs: 7mg-35mg | 80 lbs: 8mg-40mg

Over 90 lbs: approximately 10mg-50 or 60mg.

  • Birds: Yes, they also have endocannabinoid systems and CBD and hemp oils provide an easy way to contribute good fats and micro nutrients into their diet, and act as a dietary supplement due to their high omega-3 content and being high in fat and fiber. Birds are very delicate and small creatures, and most bird owners are always interacting with their winged friends as well as looking out for changes in health and demeanor, which a change in demeanor could be an implication of an underlying issue. Having a healthy endocannabinoid system may help with those issues. Along with providing nutrients and quality fats into their diet, CBD also fights joint pain, protects against body-wide inflammation, and provides critical nutrients to aging avians as well as fortifying their immune system. Birds are very light and delicate, with their weight being measured in grams instead of pounds, they would be best on a very low dosage oil with mg being lower per drop than other commonly dosed oils at 250 or plus. However, their recommended dose is .15mg for every 500g of weight, .25mg-.50mg for larger birds.
  • Reptiles: Reptiles can be naturally anxious, and many write that off as their pets having their own quirks when in fact it could be them struggling with anxiety or mental unwellness. If these aren’t dealt with appropriately the can lead to long-term problems such as nerve damage, stress, and digestive issues, which are all results from long-term neglect of anxiety problems. Reptiles also experience inflammation, which CBD combats with it’s strong anti-inflammatory properties. When not addressed properly, the immune cells begin attacking the inflamed area leading to further damage and disease. CBD combats that and enhance’s the reptile’s longevity and quality of life. They also may suffer from seizures or convulsions, and it is well known CBD is a powerful anticonvulsant. Reptiles not bred in healthy, sanitary living conditions may develop septicemia, a common condition that occurs in various types of pets that can lead to the development of seizures. CBD also helps to reverse the effects. Dosages for reptiles are .25mg per pound of body weight or even a smaller dose at .1mg per pound, so it may be best to start with a very low mg in a larger bottle to lower the mg per drop, or to mix with water or food and dole it out twice a day.

As you can see, CBD is incredibly beneficial for a wide range of animals.

Our 250mg Pet Tincture comes in a 15ml/half ounce bottle, equaling 300 drops at approximately .85mg per drop. It can be used topically or orally. There are approximately 17mg per ml.

It is recommended to give 1/2 dropper orally or 1 dropper topically for pets under 50 lbs, lowering that dosage obviously for smaller pets as mentioned above. For pets over 50 lbs give 1 full dropper orally and one and a half dropper full topically. This offers your animal a full spectrum of benefits that will possibly treat every ailment they come across naturally.



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