Merlot Hemp Flower



Merlot is a high cannabinoid hemp flower that’s a blend of Berry Blossom and Cherry Wine. Known for relaxing effects, with a robust citrus orange peel scent with a chocolate and cherry undertone. This flower elevates the mood while relaxing the mind. Its triangular buds are sparkly with amber trichomes and light green leaves that stand out against the buds.

For Terpenes, Merlot is high in: Myrcene, Farnesene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene

Merlot is an Indica dominant strain, great for relaxing and relief.

Given its great smells and terpenes, Merlot is also great for infusions and culinary dishes.

Merlot produces smaller buds on average, which means you will be getting small, tight round buds to enjoy.

Delano Farms, Finest Flower in the South has provided a premium quality hemp flower product that you are sure to enjoy! With 16.1% CBD/ <.3%THC and a total of 19.676% cannabinoid content, you’re sure to get the effects you’re looking for!

Merlot COA

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