Cherry Blossom PreRoll 1g Hemp Flower

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One perfectly rolled gram of Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower for a convenient way to smoke your CBD.

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One perfectly rolled gram of Cherry Blossom preroll for a convenient way to smoke your CBD. Perfect way to round out your day with these smooth hitting Cherry Blossom prerolls that provides exactly what you’re looking for in a quality and local hemp flower preroll.

Cherry Blossom is a 70/30 Indica dominant derived from Cherry Wine and The Wife. Relaxing, clear-headed effects with superior pain relief qualities, which come mainly from Cherry Wine which is rich in Myrcene, Terpinolene, Caryophyllene and Pinene.

Cherry Blossom Preroll Hemp Flower is absolutely delicious with a lovely combination of sweetness and berry notes in the smell and flavor. Cherry Blossom is indica-dominant and offers a tremendous amount of THC. This strain will have you relaxed and ready to unwind from your day in no time at all, offering the relief you are seeking with affects such as stress-relief, aiding in pain, promoting relaxation, relieving tension, and comforting your body and mind. This is a great strain for people looking for relief from minor aches and to blissfully doze off to sleep in a peaceful and restful state, or just to be able to relax and enjoy the moment from the worries, pain and stress of your busy days. This strain is also known to help with depression and anxiety, offering relief for many conditions for an overall relaxing and peaceful experience.

Cherry Blossom Prerolls come from hemp flower with smaller to medium buds and lightly seeded. With pleasantly scented fruity and well balanced notes, great flavors, smooth hits, and a perfect terpene profile, Cherry Blossom is the perfect starter strain for new CBD enthusiasts.

Dixie Sticks, Finest Flower in the South has provided a premium quality hemp flower product that you are sure to enjoy! With 14.2% CBD/ <.3%THC and a total of 17.76% cannabinoid content, you’re sure to get the effects you’re looking for!


Cherry Blossom COA

Read more about this artfully crafted Cherry Blossom strain here.

1 review for Cherry Blossom PreRoll 1g Hemp Flower

  1. Cole Crownhart (verified owner)

    An amazing pre-roll, most pleasant experience I’ve had with CBD!

    • Mary Anderlik

      Thank you Cole, we’re so glad you enjoyed it!

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